I guess when you’re young, you just believe there’ll be many people with whom you’ll connect with. Later in life, you realize it only happens a few times.


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A place that sustains and heals the mind and body.

Ang saklap.

Ang saklap.



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Now I’m stuck here still wondering how it’s meant to be

I’m not completely sure, but my instinct tells me, “Hell yes.”

I’m waiting for a call, a message, a random bumping into each other when I’m on my way home.

We smile, we say hi, and ask about how long it has been. The could’ve been will fill my brain and I would wonder if the same goes through your head.

I would ask how was that application you planned to do sometime ago. And me, I’ve been aching to tell you the story of how mine went from rocky to smooth. I have been wanting to tell you all about my new adventure.

It turns out we are heading the same direction and we plan to walk together. I’m nervous. I’m now nervous around you, which is weird. Because all those years we’ve been friends were just nothing, they were just so simple.

I wish you would ask me if I’m hungry and maybe we eat somewhere and catch up on things. Finally, finally, I can tell you all of those things.

You think you know, but you have no idea. Oh, have you got no idea at all.

I think about you. Do you think about me too?

Obligatory fisheye photo

Obligatory fisheye photo

Witnessed the sun being slowly embraced by the sea. How captivating.

Witnessed the sun being slowly embraced by the sea. How captivating.

Hello, Paradise!

Hello, Paradise!


So tomorrow is the first Monday of 2014. This means that the unofficial Christmas break for most people will end, which in turn means heavy heavy and chaotic traffic during the rush hour tomorrow morning.

Well, a lot has definitely changed for me this year. A lot of learning as well. The new job has been pretty awesome and I hope things will be much much brighter. 

As I have put in IG, I’ve learned this year the great value of kindness, honesty, generosity and humility. 

You can never go wrong with kindness. it fills your heart as much as it will fill the person’s who receive this.

Being honest about your feelings and opinions to other people and to yourself are, I think, two very different but related situations. I have slowly realized that having the guts to show the world your genuine and sincere thoughts and emotions is liberating, but more importantly, is a way of attracting the things you desire.

As with kindness, generosity is something that fills your heart doing as much as the one receiving the favor. Giving to others certainly comes back twofold to you in forms you would never imagine. Among the things to be giving however, I’ve learned that the best is time and attention.

Humility doesn’t demand that greatness or a milestone of an achievement should come to you in order to realize this particular virtue. I think it means that there are far more greater and unimaginable things this world could bring that we shouldn’t think highly of ourselves or believe that we are completely in control of everything. As much as we are capable, we are also powerless.

Gosh, hoping for the best this year!!!

The goal is to learn and discover and face a lot of fears!!!